Any adverse impact on the environment caused by tea production is significantly reduced by the fuel sources used.

Hydro electricity on the Estate

Electricity is required to run the machines in the factories as well as the estate's irrigation pumps and Lujeri is able to provide approximately 30% of its electricity requirements from the two hydro electric power plants it owns and operates on the estate.

Both plants were commissioned in the 1930's and together they supply one megawatt of power. The closed circuit system of water reticulation returns all of the water to the river from the two power stations. This makes the system eco friendly as well.

Carbon Footprint

All Lujeri's fuel wood requirements are met by felling its own wood lots and the company is self reliant and carbon neutral in this respect. New technology and the availability of alternative fuels ( Macadamia shells) will allow the carbon footprint to further reduce in future.
power house interior
hydro plant

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